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Andura Abroad Noneedtopaint system makes repetitive house painting a thing of the past, with a specialist exterior wall coating that lasts up to ten times longer than any ordinary paint!

Benefits of Andura Wall Coatings at a glance:

• Looks like normal paint, but last 10 times longer!
• Completely weatherproof!
• Up to 20 times thicker than paint!
• Breathable, allowing moisture to escape!
• Resists strong sunlight and UV rays!
• Flexible so no cracking, peeling or flaking!
• Increases the value of your property!
• Always looks great, maintains it’s new-like appearance!
• Insulates the home against excesses of cold or heat!
• Mould, fungus, acid rain resistant!
• No Need to Paint every few years!
• Coating come in standard range of 12 colours
• Can be applied using a roller.


Watch the video below to see the results of NoNeedToPaint

Andura Abroad – Here today, here tomorrow

The owners of Andura and Noneedtopaint have been involved in the coating business since 1979. “It was our belief that we could provide our customers with a better product for exterior renovations than anything else on the market,”.

“Since then we have gone from strength to strength, setting the highest standards of service and quality. Today we have thousands of satisfied customers, and offices and agents throughout UK, Spain, and Portugal“.

No salesmen, just craftsmen!

“We prefer an honest approach and let the quality of our jobs do the talking! Whether it’s a phone conversation or a meeting, we will simply highlight the benefits of our exterior wallcoating system and suggest the best solution for your specific house painting problem. And should you wish us to survey your property, the person you meet will be the person responsible for overseeing the project from start to finish, and there is no cost involved in our survey service!”

No call centres…

… we prefer the personal approach!

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