Completed project in Algarve. November 2017

Villa in Algarve. November 2017

This beautiful property in sunny Algarve is now truly stunning and will delight its owners and guests with fresh looks for many years to come.

The owners came to us saying they wanted the house they bought back. The fa├žade has started to look tired and clearly needed restoration.


The property masonry has seen better days and started to look as a bad fitting dress on a beautiful body. Many cracks were showing and repairs to render were needed before recoating with the durable substrate.


No Need to Paint applicators went carefully around the building, painstakingly repairing all cracks and creating even surface ready for painting.


The final result is a truly stunning villa returned to its original glory. The owners chose Andura Sandstone yellow as the colour for the main house. We don’t just cover up, we repair and protect for many years.